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  1. Accel accelerator pump spring AC-APS-01 Universal

    Fits all motorcycles and ATV's as using an FCR carburetor. - Direct replacement for OEM spring - Improved throttle response - Excellent companion to the ALJ-01 giving you greater range of adjustment - No need for any wiring on the accelerator pump - Allows use of longer diaphragms. The Accelerator pump spring eliminates any wiring tricks that are out there and increases pressure on the pump diaphragm due to its being 50% stiffer than the stock spring.
    6,00 €
  2. Accel σετ ελατήρια εξάτμισης 7x50 AC-MA-702

    Διαστάσεις : 7x50 Σετ των 2
    8,00 €
  3. Accel σετ ελατήρια εξάτμισης 8x57 AC-MA-706

    Διαστάσεις : 8x57 Σετ των 2
    8,00 €
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3 Προϊόν(τα)